Game of Thrones Fans: Know About Beric Dondarrion

The Game Of Thrones is an American fantasy series. It contains adventures throughout the series and is based on numerous characters. Moreover, the producers kept many minor characters at the beginning, who turned out to play crucial roles in the battles afterward. 

One of those characters is Beric Dondarrion. A character who started the journey from a minor scene by arresting the Mountain aka Ser Gregor Clegane. The Mountain; who has been ruling lawlessly in the Riverlands. Later in the other seasons, Beric Dondarrion became the most needed character to fight the battle. Thus, all eyes set on him.  

There is more information about this character that will spice up the things. Therefore, you are one of those who would love to know more about him, carry on reading.

Two Actors for Beric Dondarrion’s Character

Not only one but two of the actors have played the role of Beric Dondarrion. One is Richard Dormer, while the other is David Michael Scott. Richard Dormer took over the role from David Michael in the Game of Thrones season 3. Fans are curious about the reason behind this recasting. As the character; Beric appeared only in 14 episodes throughout the series.

Reason of Recasting the Character

Beric Dondarrion

The showrunner cast David Michael for the character Beric as the Lord of Black-heaven. Due to the reason that he is well-experienced and known for his acting. However, he intended to give a short time to the Game of Thrones, from the very beginning. 

Later, in season 3 Beric was to play an expanded role as the Lightning Lord. Therefore, showrunners replaced Scott with Richard Dormer as they believed that fans would not notice the change due to the lap of two years. They were adding to it one more reason that Scott as Beric appeared only once in season 1. Thus, viewers will not remember Scott, they assumed.

David Michael Scott as Beric Dondarrion

David Michael has been an inhabitant of the Republic of Ireland since 2004. He is an Australian actor, though. He has worked in various shows playing diverse characters, which includes; the Tudors and Vikings. Moreover, he appeared in Game of Thrones season one; ‘the Golden Crown’ episode. However, his status as a featured extra somehow gave a clue that was soon recasting would take place. 

Richard Dormer as Beric Dondarrion

Richard Dormer is an actor along with being playwright and screenwriter belonging to Ireland. He gained most of the fame from his acting as Beric Dondarrion in the Game of Thrones. He started his role in 2012 as the Lightning Lord Beric Dondarrion. Appeared as the leader of ‘Brotherhood Without Banners’ in season 3. Later in 2016, he reprised his role as Dondarrion and then kept coming back in 2017 and 2019. 

Titles of Beric Dondarrion

Beric Dondarrion came up with numerous titles in the series. In each season he came up with a new and appealing title. Those titles include; the Lord of Black-heaven, Head of House Dondarrion, The Lightning Lord, and the Commander of Brotherhood Without Banners.

Moreover, he won the hearts of viewers through his fantastic acting along with cool titles.

Beric’s Appearance

Viewers can describe Beric as a handsome man with red-gold hair. He has an admiring and dashing personality as he manages a black-courser. Beric Dondarrion sometimes displays a forked and purple lightning bolt by wearing his breastplate.

He is a warrior with high skills, who would always come along with a longsword in combat. However, he looks dashing, his appearance changes during the war. As he loses an eye, a patch of his hair fades away and several chronic wounds that Gregor Clegane caused him. 

He died several times and then resurrected somehow. He always came back with being braver. Many viewers describe him as a noble knight who enjoyed the feasts and lived a comfortable life. Furthermore, when he volunteered in the tourney of hand, he became famous among the group of King’s Landing.

Hero and a Villain 

Beric Dondarrion proved to be a hero and villain at the same time. After the war, his personality changed somehow. Thus, he became ruthless. His reputation among his friends made his friends feel fear and hatred for him. Therefore, they hated him. Whereas, small forks still viewed them as their hero, because he fought for them. He understood them and stood up to take the stand for their rights. 

Beric Dondarrion

Besides all the facts and figures, Beric Dondarrion was exhausted at the end as he had been losing a part of himself due to resurrection every time. 

However, the one who knew him and was close missed him after his death. 

Importance of Beric Dondarrion

In the series Game of Thrones, Beric goes through the resurrection process six times. It proves that there must be some good information that Beric holds. That is why his life was important. 

The reason behind keeping him alive can be his use of the flaming sword to frighten the enemies. Being a precursor to Jon Snow’s resurrection also adds to it. Thus, that means that it was not only Jon Snow, who was essential to the Lord of Light. Beric also had the same value and importance.


The series has become the most-watched entertainment production. Thus, showrunners make sure to put all the efforts to make it a blockbuster. Moreover, the journey of Beric Dondarrion shows that no character is less. A minor character who just started with one brief scene in a whole season can turn out to be the hero at the end. 

Furthermore, the acting of Richard Dormer did wonders to take this character in the limelight. The script and plots also add to its success. However, Richard Dormer, along with being a handsome man, proved to be a skillful actor. He surely inspired the viewers by his realistic acting and stunts. 

Additionally, he gained more of the fame from the viewers of the Game of Thrones due to the character of Beric Dondarrion. Rather than the role in other series and movies.

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