How Can I Create My Own Meme? And About @jb_firebrand

What actually are memes? A meme is an idea by means of mimicry from person to person within a specific culture. Moreover, It acts as a unit of bringing cultural ideas & symbols. If you are looking for ideas to create a meme, you can follow @JB_firebrand at Twitter.

Nowadays, you have been entertaining yourself by scrolling for memes on your social account. Aren?t you? No doubt, this generation can?t deny the fact of how much we all like to read sarcastic and fun memes about any topic. 

@jb_firebrand memes

How Can I Generate Memes?

It?s very easy to create memes according to your desire. Here are two amazing websites that let you make your own meme.

  1. First, go to this site
  2. Then, click on Create
  3. Now, Upload or Search for your desired image
  4. Add text on top and bottom
  5. Now save it by clicking Generate meme
  1. At the home page click on Make a Meme
  2. Choose an option- either Existing or make own
  3. Select text and add whatever you want to write
  4. Click Save and Share


Memes are becoming very popular. Many people, including you and me, love to see and share funny memes. However, now you don’t need to wait for memes of others. You can create your own meme and can have ideas from @jb_firebrand. 

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