Who Is The Creator Of An Assassin?

The internet is full of amazing and realistic games. Nowadays, such games attract a huge number of visitors and players. Also, these games are particularly more popular on college campuses. One of such realistic games is Assasin, which is created by prismangames.

The Assassin Game

The Assassin was created in 2016 and is updated recently in 2020. It is a live fighting game that means its genre is action. The main objective of this game is to eliminate the opposing members or to put it differently, you should be the last one to survive.?

Due to its interactive interface, thousands of people play this game. Also, the game gets millions of visitors. 

The Assassin Creator-Prismangame

This amazing game was developed by Prismangames in 2016. Apart from his other games, the creator has worked very hard on Assassin. That’s why this particular game became so popular. Other than being the creator of this game, Prismangame is also the member and owner of the Prismangame community that is all about games.?

The Assassin Creator-Prismangame

Luckily, the Assassin game became so famous that the Prismangame community has now launched its parts so you can enjoy Assassin two and Assassin three. These series of games have many developed and advanced features.?


The people all around the world are a great fan of Prismangames. If you look for these games, you are surely going to love the game and its interesting features. Also, to get the latest updates about the game and its creator, you can visit the Twitter account of Prismangames.

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