Who are Game developers? And All About @airennorgames

Games usually conflict with traditional beliefs. However, gaming is merely an addictive source of entertainment and diversion. It plays a key role in the development of cognitive skills in both children and adults. @airennorgame is also participating with good efforts for providing games to the children.

Game Developer

game developer

A game developer can range from the person who begins all tasks to a large business. By the way, this also includes employee responsibilities, splitting between individual disciplines, etc. Moreover, most game development companies contain video game publishers financial & marketing support.

Benefits of @airennorgames 

@Airennorgames improve the cognitive ability of children. On the other hand, this helps to indulge in the brain of someone with constant stimulation. Thus, it improves brain performance. Some of the major benefits of this game include:

Improves coordination

Improves problem-solving skills

Enhances memory

Improves attention and concentration

It is a great source of learning

Improves the brain’s speed

Enhances multitasking skills

Improves social skills

Pitfalls of Game

However, the American Psychological Association concluded that there is a ?consistent correlation? among the use of violent games and aggression. But they have insufficient evidence to link violent video play to criminal violence.

Almost 24 studies have analyzed 17000 youngsters from different countries. They were published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Thus, they found that those youngsters who play violent games such as GTA and Manhunt were more likely to express behavior such as being sent to the principal’s office due to fitting in with other students, hitting strangers.  



@Airennorgames has almost more than 18k followers. It is providing the best services to his customers. It is not only developing games for entertainment but providing the best service for spending leisure time.

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