How Does Smash Custom Music Works

There are many platforms where you can listen and download your favorite songs. But when we talk about websites for game music one of the highly recommended sites is Smash Custom Music. This is one of the perfect spots where you can find almost all game tracks easily. Besides this, their music is ripped directly from BRSTMs.

Smash custom music

Smash Custom Music?

Smash custom music is one of the biggest sites to share, listen and download video games music. Moreover, using this site is so simple and satisfying. I would highly recommend you Smash Custom Music for listening to music on the loop.

Furthermore, this website is creating other new websites and trying to rip almost all the music tracks. But this site is not linked with the original website.

Smash custom music


This website features more than a thousand playlists of different video games. Therefore, music for almost every video game is available here. You can easily search your favorite soundtrack on their search option. 

Besides this, they provide you all the details about the uploader, length, loop type of music. Moreover, there is a preview option also available to you.


Smash Custom Music is a very popular website. People love the way they provide their service. Besides this, the process of registration is very simple. You can select random or switch themes by just clicking on the above tabs. The good reviews about Smash Custom Music speak for themselves, you can check for yourself on their social media accounts. 

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