Latest Updates of Ming Solenya Nethery

This is the era of technology and you will definitely agree that technology has sped up the life of human beings. Similarly, social media provides information from all over the world within a few seconds. Due to social media, many famous personalities can now easily share their thoughts. Ming Solenya Nethery is also one of such personality of social media.?

He very actively uses his Twitter account for interacting with his followers. His Twitter account is @minggao26. Ming also shares his thoughts and views on his Twitter account.

The Interests of Ming Solenya

Ming Solenya seems very interested in political affairs. As we all know, politics deals with the pursuit of people for living together peacefully. In fact, ethical questions are close to the element of politics all the time. 

Latest Updates Of Ming Solenya

@minggao26 has more than 30k followers and is still counting.? Nowadays he is talking about the exposure of coronavirus with the word. He also criticizes Donald Trump in his tweet a lot.?

Furthermore, he has also provided many suggestions in the past. Politics must face conflicts and unity both from the public. So the ideas of Donald Trump do not much resemble the ideas of Ming.


In a nutshell, at @minggao26 you can see that he mostly talks about politics and no doubt he also entertains his followers in a good manner. He shares the memes on different politicians too. For entertaining yourself you can join him at any time.

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