All You Need To Know About Stephanie Patrick

If you have watched GTLive, you must have seen the co-host of the show, Stephanie Patrick. Well, Stephanie Patrick is a strategy consultant and director of the theorist media. Besides this, she is the co-owner and co-founder of the three main theorist channels. Stephannie is also active on GTLive. If you are looking for Stephannie Patrick on twitter you can find her @CordyPatrick.

All About Her Early Life

Here are interesting facts about Stephanie Patrick?s early life.

Stephanie Cordato was born on August 9th, 1987, in North Carolina. She went to Duke University. Steph received her Bachelor?s degree in 2006. After graduating, she went to Weill Cornell Medical College for further studies. She graduated in 2011 receiving a degree of master?s in Pharmacology. She started her career as a consultant. Later on, she learned strategy consulting.???

Personal Life??

Matt Patrick, one of her mates at Duke university proposed to her on 9 November 2010. Whereas they got married on 19 May 2012, in North Carolina. Six years later, they were blessed with the birth of a baby boy on 9th July. They named him Oliver Julian Patrick. Moreover, they reside in Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California currently.


Stephannie has appeared in almost every GTLive Livestream. Besides this, she has brief mentions in videos on the film and the game theorist. As there are so many names of these film and game theorists, you can find the right one on her twitter @CordyPatrick.


Cordy is a successful personality who is pursuing her dreams amazingly. Moreover, she is a source of admiration for many. There are thousands of people following her Twitter and Instagram accounts, @CordyPatrick. You must go and follow her @CordyPatrick to stay updated with the posts and stories she uploads daily.

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