How does Strictly Spoiler Website Actually Work?

The Strictly spoiler was started in 2012 as Dave Thorpe’s Blog. After some time, Strictly Spoiler took off massively and has been migrated to its own domain in 2014. It?s a brand new home for 2015 and beyond.

strictly spoiler

How does Strictly Spoiler Work?

As the name suggests, the Strictly spoiler works close to some of the BBC spoiler sources. Even together they source moles for the various shows. Especially those who are willing to tell the results of shows, such people also become sources and spoil the results on twitter.?

How do they Gather Information?

As, BBC records the shows and shows them later to the viewers, so it gives a chance to Strictly spoiler to spoil the results with accuracy. Developers started It as a bit of fun for the first as direct messaging was not convenient to tell the spoilers to multiple people at once. Hence, its unexpected fame and popularity is even a surprise for the developers or the person who thought of it.


strictly spoiler

It is illegal for fun purposes. Spoiling the interest of the audience is not a good idea. BBC is now taking measures to curb such chances of spoilers as they can affect the viewership of shows. Despite such measures, Strictly Spoiler does its work. Thus, it is astonishing to see how Strictly Spoiler gets the information.

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